You have never been on a French train with a bike? No need to worry, you’re going to know everything about it!
Depending on the kind of train you’re going to take, you’ll need to book for you or for you & your bike…That’s why it’s better to know before buying a ticket.

TER: what is it ? It’s the slowest local train you can get on…but the main point is that you can get on whichever TER train you want, it just has to be the right day indicated on your ticket…It’s the least expensive and you can get on the train with your bike mounted full of bags without having to pay for it.

Small disadvantage: To be honest, railway stations are most of the time not able to provide bike travelers with good services (no ramp to push the bikes to get on the platform, old trains with tight doors and tight steps to get on the train). However, it must be admitted that in some rare French regions, trains and railway stations do provide much better services…

Phone number :

00 33 (0)5 61 71 00 55

Véloccitane – Maison du Vélo Toulouse

12 Boulevard Bonrepos, 31000 Toulouse




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