If you arrive by plane, and if you ride until Montpellier, getting a first flight to Toulouse and then a return flight taking off from Montpellier might be an option. If you do not choose that option, you’ll need a solution to go back to the airport you landed in, after your bike trip.

In that case, several solutions are available:

  • First of all the train offers the undeniable advantage of leaving your arrival point without passing by the start again. We invite you to consult one of our other articles “Taking a train with a bike in France: all we know about it!” which will detail the options that you have and the constraints of each type of train for transporting bikes.

allonsbontrainAre you traveling in a group? The website “Allons bon Train” (only in French for now) offers you very interesting rates (up to 60% cheaper than an individual ticket). How does it work? The principle is simple: reserve your trip with other people with the same destination and travel together cheaper! This young business is certified travel agency and since the idea seemed excellent we wanted to share it!

  • Come by vehicle, ideally on a bus or otherwise by car. You can either leave it at your start point or at the finish. It is important to consider where you are coming from and what you are doing after the trip to decide.

For example if you are arriving from the south east, it could be interesting to leave your car at Sète (at the finish) and then arrive at Toulouse by train to start your bike trip there.

If you are traveling with the Véloccitane agency, you can choose as an option a transfer vehicle. However this will be much more expensive than the train and less eco-responsible…

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