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How do I book my bike trip ?

Just fill our registration form straight online, and we will contact you back shortly after (under 48h).

How may I get a personalized quote ?

You can contact us directly by phone, we will send you your personalized quotation by mail or email according to your preferences. You can also complete the registration form that you will find in the “Booking” tab, we will get back to you to specify your project as soon as possible.

How may I confirm my bike trip ?

Your final booking will be registered after the 30% deposit and the return of your registration form and personalized quote filled and signed by mail or email.

If your stay starts in less than 30 days, the payment of the totality of the stay will be expected to confirm your stay.

When am I supposed to pay the balance for my bike trip ?

The balance has to be paid at the latest 30 days before the beginning of your trip.
For bookings within 30 days before your trip, the total amount of the quotation should be paid to confirm your bike trip.

When should I book my trip ?

a) During mid season (April, May, June, or September)
The sooner the better to book the best accommodations. But you could still book your stay later and have a very pleasant trip !

b) During high season (July and August)
Booking in March, April or even sooner, is advised to get the best accomodations, especially if you need more than 2 rooms.

Feel free to contact us to check your project with us, we will be pleased to give you all the details needed.


What do We mean by “Standard range”?

Our standard range offers you typical and friendly guesthouses or two stars hotels, carefully selected by our team for their cosiness and their cachet.

If you have any wish about your accommodation ( for instance, you prefer guesthouses, intead of hotels), do not hesitate to let us know. Our team will try her best to please you, according to the availability of our hosts.

What do We mean by “Comfort range” ?

You will be hosted in nicer 3 stars hotels and more charming guesthouses. All accommodations are carefully selected by our team.


How may I pay ?

You can pay by wire transfer, cheque or credit card.
We also accept holiday vouchers.
For payments by credit card, just let us know and we will send you a link in an email allowing you to complete your payment, online, in a totally secure way. However, we do not accept AMEX (American Express).
For payments by wire transfer, our bank details appear on the registration form that we send you.
This registration form allows us to:

  • book the right bike sizes (depending on your size)
  • apply for a traffic permit from VNF
  • subscribe to cancellation & repatriation insurance when you wish to subscribe
How to pay by credit card ?

For this last option, just let us know that it is your wish and we will send you a link to achieve your payment on a secure web page.

May I make changes to the bike tours shown on Véloccitane Website ?

These bike tours are just suggestions so you may ask what you want your trip to be : an extra night in Carcassonne or upon your arrival in Agde or Sète… The only limit is availability of wished accommodations at the moment you decide to book your trip.
Namely, the prices shown include the transfer of one piece of luggage per person, of a maximum of 20kg. If you do not require any luggage transport, do not hesitate to let us know, we will adjust your quote accordingly!

Preparing for travel

You have decided to make a bike tour in France but you’re not sure to be completely ready?
Here are a few tips to help you preparing…

Be in a good shape

A little physical training may be useful, if you want to be at your best for the first days… Nothing fancy in our suggestions: make a walk or, ideally, a ride for an hour or two, at least twice a week during the month before your trip, would be an optional but valuable idea in order to be prepared.

Why not trying to make a day of cycling, every week-end, during the month before your trip? Your muscles and cardiovascular system could be thankful, and you would start your tour in a good shape.

Be able to do small repairs

All our bikes are equipped with the best tyres, so the risk of puncturing should be low. However, no one is immune to this possibility! In this way, knowing how to repair a punctured or damaged tube is essential for the traveler cyclist.

Different options:

  • To repair the tyre with a patch – You would need to find the perforation before repairing it. We usually immerse the tube to see bubbles going out from the hole. That is why it is easier to repair it at your guest house rather than on the path. You don’t know how to do that ? You’ll find explanations HERE.
  • To replace the damaged tube by a new one – the simplest and best solution when you have one. If you rent a bike, we provide a full repairing kit.

If you’re really not the crafty type, you may find a compassionate cyclist to help you fixing it, but then you will need to be patient!
If you need to place your chain back at the right place, you may have a look :

Your hosts are also reliable to provide a dedicated space for your bike. We carefully select your accommodations for the quality of the reception and a majority of them are certified “Cyclists Welcome”, a quality label that guarantees:

  • A dedicated place for your bike and extra tools you may have to use…
  • All information that may help you for your trip (trail maps, weather situation)
Use the digit-code safety lock

With every bike we rent you, we provide you with a digit-code safety lock : its use is intuitive. The entry code is indicated in front of the pointer on the lock, when you first take possession of your bike;  it’s of course advisable to scramble it when you get away from your bicycle.

Adjust the height of your saddle

Before your departure, all the proper adjustments will be done by our team to adjust the equipment to fit you. However, during your tour you may want to modify the height of your saddle. The repair kit includes a “multitool” to help you to make any required change.
It is recommended to place your saddle so your leg is slightly bended on the pedal at its lower point. For biking holidays on a flat ground, you may want to place your saddle a little lower than usual to ensure your comfort and balance.

Starting point

When you start your trip from Toulouse, we happily welcome you and adjust your bike, with a few tips for the departure.
When your departure is from another city (Carcassonne, Bordeaux…), your roadbook, maps and equipment are available in the intended place (usually your first accommodation). All the required facilities will be at your disposal. In particular, you will find the necessary equipment for adjusting the saddle height (multitool).

Secure the bikes

In order to secure your rental bike, it is asked to fasten its frame to a fixed point (metal panel, bike hoop). When possible, you will also fasten one of the wheels with the safety lock.
To learn more, you can read the following page:
Almost every host offers a secure room for your bike, so this advice only concerns daytime.

Be careful also with your bags, which are not secured on your bike….

Bike trip with bags transfers : what should I put in my bike bag for the current day ?




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