When you choose to get your bags transferred or when you book through a bike travel agency, which organizes everything for you, daily preparation gets much lighter (and your bike bags too!). However, it is still important to get the right things in your bike bags so you can face every situation and fully enjoy your trip. Véloccitane & its team have ridden enough kilometers to have loads of advice to give! Here is a list of essential equipment for everyday riding:

Lightweight clothing so you feel comfortable while riding

  • Your bike clothes are probably bib shorts or shorts and a light breathable T-shirt. However, when you stop riding, your body gets cold quickly, make sure you bring a second lightweight jacket, like a polar jacket for instance, very useful when temperature gets lower.
  • Also, even if the day is looking to be sunny, rain has to be anticipated: a waterproof, wind-breaker and ultra-light technical jacket are always useful. We hear that wide berets offer good protection too, try it and let us know…
  • Whenever you stop for a pause or a visit, your sport shoes ideal on a bike might get too sweaty, so slip some flip-flops in your bike bag for stops.
  • A clean T-shirt may be a good solution to feel presentable whenever you stop for a drink or for a visit.
  • In case of an improvised swim or a picnic on the grass, a little microfiber towel, lightweight and compact, becomes a prized object

An essential water bottle and some snacks

  • You’ll have to drink all day long. Along the path you will find taps to fill your water bottle. During summer, while riding, the advised intake is 2 liters of water per person minimum depending on your habits and morphology.
  • To avoid cravings, have a big breakfast and have hearty meals, privilege more slow sugars (rice, pasta, cereals), and bring snacks (fresh fruits, nuts…) to eat during the day.

Your road book & identity papers

  • So you can easily access them at all time, put your wallet, identity papers, your phone and most importantly your road book in the same place.
  • Sunglasses, a cap and sun cream are essential during summer, in the winter you should remember to always wear gloves and a hat.

Repair kit and bike bag

  • You need to give a lot of thought to your equipment for a day of cycling because over time a backpack weighs a lot and risks giving you back pains. A saddlebag is ideal to transport the necessary without losing in comfort. When you travel with Véloccitane a 5L front bag and a 20L saddlebag are given with each rented bike.
  • No one is exempt of punctures! So you have to keep everything with you to repair your inner tube or replace it. If you rent a bike with Véloccitane, the kit is placed in a bike bag (pump, inner tube, tools…).

You now know everything to start your bike trip with peace of mind…Enjoy!


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