You desire to leave for a bike adventure with young children, but you are still hesitating? You need to keep in mind a few things to put every chance on your side for a positive family experience:
  • Where to go?

* An itinerary without cars will allow everyone to stay relaxed. Tow paths are from this point of view a very interesting option.

* The difficulty (minimal elevation to start) and length of the stages of the course must be adapted to the age of your children. If your children are under 12 and pedal autonomously, you should not exceed 25 kilometers or 15 miles, so that the trip stays enjoyable. Ideally, you should test the distance (on a similar surface) to make sure everyone stays happy… until the end, if possible.

Please note: Don’t forget that the surface of the cycle path is very important: a same distance will be harder on a rocky path than on a smooth surface!

  • What equipment should I choose for my child who doesn’t ride yet?

If your child can sit, you can choose:

A child seat, possibly tilting to facilitate naps… However protection from weather is minimal and this solution is only for children less than 22kg.

A trailer, depending on the itinerary:

 For comfort’s sake, we strongly advise to go for itineraries with excellent surfaces like the Garonne canal. This will allow you to use a trailer with an axle, possibly equipped with reinforcements to hold any young children.

 For “tight” itineraries with more random surfaces, a light trailer such as the     Weehoo (without axle) will   be   more adapted. However your children must be   of the right weight and height.

                     Note that there are Weehoo with 2 places in which case the second child doesn’t have to pedal.



  • I am worried my child will be tired and won’t manage to finish the stage…

The advantage of the following bike is undeniable; the child can stop and pedal as he wants: the child’s position isn’t always the most comfortable… So this is not a solution to prolong the stage above reasonable limits.

Also, as for the Weehoo, it is necessary to verify the compatibility between your child’s size and the minimum required size for following bike.

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